John Renesch

John ReneschJohn Renesch is a businessman-turned-futurist living in San Francisco, an advisor, mentor and prolific writer on matters of leadership, organizational and social transformation, and the future. He is the founder of FutureShapers, LLC which provides executive peer group facilitation and private coaching for executives who aspire to lead more consciously. He has been the owner of Renesch Advisory Services for over 40 years.

Starting in the mid-1960s, he has served as CEO or Managing Director for several of his businesses, which included real estate securities, advertising and public relations, and large scale public event production companies. In the 1990s he compiled and edited ten business anthologies on the subject of business and organizational transformation which included the writings of over 300 visionaries.

Renesch is now an independent global futurist, humanitarian, mentor/advisor, keynote speaker, social activist, advocate of social and organizational transformation and provocateur of a global awakening of the latent potentialities of the human race.

He’s published fourteen books and hundreds of articles in futures journals, newspapers, blogs and magazines from around the world. His most recent book is the award-winning The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity’s Future. He publishes a free monthly newsletter called John Renesch’s Mini-Keynote.