Amanda Lamond

Amanda’s Integral and Spiral Dynamics contribution

Amanda Lamond photoHaving worked as an attorney, a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs and an organizational development consultant,I have an expansive and multi-disciplinary way of viewing the legal system. Currently I run the Centre for Integrative Law, a consultancy for emergent thinking in the practice of law. The CIL has pioneered many initiatives in South Africa including having the first 50 lawyers trained in the Collaborative Divorce methodology; introducing more than 100 lawyers to Neuro-literacy for Lawyers, (neuroscientific learnings for improved lawyering); bringing legal thought-leaders to South Africa; and running the first Integrative Law conferences. It’s a very niche area of expertise in SA – I’m hoping this will change as the movement grows.
In 2016 I launched WOLELA, Women Leading in Law, a national network of women lawyers supporting individual women lawyers to THRIVE. I believe women will facilitate the emergence of a healthier legal system. Finding New Ways for Women to Lead in Law is WOLELA’s annual conference which I’ve run almost single-handedly 3 times in Cape Town and twice in Johannesburg, with feedback always exceeding expectations.

Through consulting, facilitating, speaking, designing courses, coaching and writing, I inspire people to see new possibilities for themselves as individuals, new possibilities for their organization and new possibilities for the legal system.