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Lawyers as Changemakers, The Global Integrative Law Movement


With Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law, Legal Rebel, J. Kim Wright became an American Bar Association best-selling author and the book was a flagship book of the ABA in 2010.  The 562 page book introduced lawyers to many innovative approaches, perspectives, and skills for the 21st Century lawyer, along with 75 pages of resources for learning more.

Picking up where Lawyers as Peacemakers ended, Lawyers as Changemakers covers the expansion and development of the Integrative Law movement.  Wright explores the pillars of the movement:

  • Integrated Reflective Practices
  • Values and Purpose-based Practices
  • Systems Thinking approaches
  • Integral Consciousness

She then describes and illustrates emerging integrative approaches such as Earth Jurisprudence, Sharing Law, Conscious (Values-Based) Contracts, Purposeful Estate Planning, and many others.

The book provides a context for many other movements in law, from mindfulness meditation to alternative billing practices. It explores the tools of systems change, including many theories and approaches.

The book is written in the style of social media with commentary and sections written by the author,  with stories by integrative lawyers and social change leaders, punctuated with quotations.  It even includes  law review articles.

It is a collection of materials that fit into the lives of busy lawyers who sometimes want a quick break and sometimes need something pithier.   Exercises are scattered through the book to engage the readers in inquiry. It also offers specific actions for readers to take to become changemakers and leaders.

With more than 100 contributors from every populated continent, the book offers a global tour of innovation, introspection, and inspiration.

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